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Pantyhose etiquette: how and where to wear them

How to Wear and Where to Wear Pantyhose the Right Way    

There’s nothing more elegant than a woman in pantyhose! You’re instantly more elegant and feminine when you put on a pair of pantyhose. And your legs look amazing when you wear the right pantyhose because they’re not too tight or loose but fit just right. Read more
Wide -leg pants

Business casual dress code guide for women

Business casual attire creates confusion in finding out the right balance between casual and business attire – you don’t want to look overdressed or too casual. For example, if you wear a full suit, you may look too formal, while wearing jeans with a t-shirt is too casual. When you have this dilemma, it’s better to follow formal attire guidelines

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A guide to proper attire

Every time you get out in the world, no matter where you go to a party or to meet some friends or just run some errands, you should remember the 5 Ws and H that you can universally apply.

Who – you meet with/will attend the partyWhere – places you go to business meetings, events, cocktail partyWhen– time and

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