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A guide to proper attire

Every time you get out in the world, no matter where you go to a party or to meet some friends or just run some errands, you should remember the 5 Ws and H that you can universally apply.

Who – you meet with/will attend the party
Where – places you go to business meetings, events, cocktail party
When– time and season
What – message you want to send
Why – you want to look great and why you attend/meet the event or meet that person
How – you want people to describe you or remember you

Here is a guideline that can help you to choose the right outfit for any event or occasion:

  • Dress for the time of the day
  • Daytime attire: before 6:00 pm
  • Evening dress: after 6:00 pm
  •  Dress for the event and the occasion:
    Always follow the dress code or theme party if it’s mentioned
  • Dress appropriately for the venue/place
  • Dress for your audience
  • Dress to show your personality and feel comfortable


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