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Pantyhose etiquette: how and where to wear them

How to Wear and Where to Wear Pantyhose the Right Way    

There’s nothing more elegant than a woman in pantyhose! You’re instantly more elegant and feminine when you put on a pair of pantyhose. And your legs look amazing when you wear the right pantyhose because they’re not too tight or loose but fit just right. Read more
Sheer black tights

4 Styling tips on how to wear tights

Tights and pantyhose can be the fashion items that can easily upgrade the fall wardrobe and give a modern look. Hosiery from tights to pantyhose, stockings, and knee highs are the garments that complete an outfit.

Nowadays, hosiery lost its importance in a woman’s wardrobe, and many women consider that wearing tights is now outdated a passe garment. In the past,

Read more