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4th of July dressing code

How To Dress Appropriately On The 4th Of July

While the 4th of July is a time to express your patriotic spirit and showcase your personal style, you may want to avoid wearing inappropriate outfits to ensure that you’re respectful and mindful of the occasion. Embrace the patriotic spirit and have fun expressing yourself while considering the day’s significance. Read more
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Business casual dress code guide for women

Business casual attire creates confusion in finding out the right balance between casual and business attire – you don’t want to look overdressed or too casual. For example, if you wear a full suit, you may look too formal, while wearing jeans with a t-shirt is too casual. When you have this dilemma, it’s better to follow formal attire guidelines

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A guide to proper attire

Every time you get out in the world, no matter where you go to a party or to meet some friends or just run some errands, you should remember the 5 Ws and H that you can universally apply.

Who – you meet with/will attend the partyWhere – places you go to business meetings, events, cocktail partyWhen– time and

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