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Cover your mouth and nose with a paper tissue when you sneeze.

Sneezing etiquette and manners

Sneezing is a natural reflex of the body to overcome cold or allergen factors. When you have a cold, have tissues on hand all the time.

Follow these rules of etiquette when sneezing

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue 

The best way to prevent the spread of the germs when you sneeze is to cover your mouth and nose with a

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Yawning 3 Etiquette Rules

Etiquette is a lifestyle, and it requires an interest in social graces and a discipline.April Masini, Etiquette Expert.

Yawning is a physiological response of the body, but as a social function can communicate boredom and indifference that can reflect a lack of consideration for the people who are around you.

Here are three etiquette rules you should pay attention to when you

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