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  • Bad habits
  • Bad habits
Bad habits Bad habits

Bad habits that convey a lack of mannerism

Nose picking, nail-biting, finger sticking in mouth, and nose are bad habits that convey a lack of mannerism.

Nose picking in public spaces shows a lack of ethical behavior and proper hygiene. Picking your nose while in the presence of others is rude and create social embarrassment. Also, it is unhealthy and shows poor grooming and hygiene habits that may have a negative impact on your professional appearance.

Having a cold or allergy problems your nose produce more mucus as usual and consequently, you have to deal with a runny and itchy nose.

Prevent awkward situations and adopt proper hygiene at home.

  • Blow your nose, clean the nostrils thoroughly, wash your hands, and make sure you have a handkerchief or tissues on hand while you are in public spaces.
  • Keep the paper tissue in your left hand to clean your nose. When you are at the office or meeting with someone, always have your right hand free and clean.

Sometimes, nose-picking became an involuntary action even though people don’t deal with a cold or allergy. It’s just a bad habit that people have picked up, and they can’t control it. It’s a gesture that may be related to nervosity or boredom.

Other bad habits that are displayed in public are finger sticking in the mouth or ears and nail-biting. These habits often can express a person with a nervous temperament.

If you have an itch or feel that something stuck in your teeth that give you discomfort, then politely excuse yourself, move to a private place, and take care of the issue.

Remember, wash your hands if a restroom is nearby or use hand sanitizer. One rule that applies to all the bad habits is to avoid touching your face. Keep your hands off your nose and mouth or ears.

Breaking these habits, as an adult, is hard but not impossible. Formulate a plan and take action setting goals and rewarding yourself every time you reach the objectives.

Adopt a proper grooming routine and healthy hygiene habits to prevent embarrassing situations and to create a good impression in social and professional settings.


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