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5 Steps to achieve a polished conversation

What you say and how you say it can have a significant impact on people around you, showing how powerful words can be.

  1. Be inclusive and ask questions that anyone would be happy answering.
    Ask questions about vacations, favorite places to shop, holidays, and weekend plans.
  2. Be genuine and show interest in the other person.
    Show enthusiasm and express your interest in the other person engaging in a natural and honest conversation.
  3. Let the conversation flow naturally from your interlocutors’ answers. In this way, you can find topics of common interest leading to an exciting and interesting discussion.
  4. Be a great listener and try to take a seat back instead of trying to fill every gap in the conversation. Remember the saying: Silence is golden.
  5. Be sympathetic and avoid arguments and negative opinions.
    Listen and show the other person that you understand his point and find a polite way to speak your ideas using positive words in a negative form, avoid bold statements and instead use words that soften your affirmation.

Your appearance is vital in creating a great impression, but your speech is the one that reveals your personality, your inner beauty. Therefore, it’s essential to speak appropriately and politely for engaging in conversations.


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