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Green color trend 2020

Green is just the right color to start the Spring season fresh, full of vitality with a positive attitude in pursuing personal goals. Green tones bring up the reconnection with nature and lift the spirits for a new season ahead.

Green, fresh, youthful, and relaxing, is the color that you can wear from Spring through Summer, never-ending to get bored of it.

Neutral and versatile, green color can easily pair with other neutrals, bright or deep shades, or even with its green shades.

From vivid green tones, neon and lime green, to cool and refreshing aqua shades and delicate vernal tones, there is a green shade for everyone.
Wearing green color reflects a well-balanced and practical woman with a strong will but a gentle and generous personality.

Green color carries different meanings in different cultures:

  • In eastern countries, green is the symbol of youth, fertility, but it can also mean infidelity.
    For example, in many Middle East cultures, green is a sacred color that symbolizes respect.
    Green color has been a symbol of fertility for centuries and was one of the most preferred colors for wedding dresses in the 15th century.
  • In western cultures, green represents nature, luck, environmental awareness, wealth, jealousy.
    For example, In Ireland, green color is associated with luck, St. Patrick, and leprechauns, while in South America, green usually symbolizes death.


  • Green is a color related to balance and harmony, creating a great balance between emotions and rationality. Therefore, green is often associated with wisdom that has ancient roots.
  • Green is traditionally associated with luck, money, good health, but also with growth, harmony, safety, hope, and freshness.
  • Green color has a calming, soothing, and relaxing effect that radiates optimism, excitement, vitality, and energy. Also, green symbolizes self-control, motivation, compassion, and harmony.
  • Green has both a cooling and warming effect, and it depends on which colors are used in combination with green.


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