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6 Etiquette tips for a successful video conference

Small behaviors make big impressions.

The key to a successful video conference meeting is to adopt a proper video conferencing etiquette. Here are the 6 top tips to nail your next web conference.

1. Dress the part

  • Proper attire matters and increases your productivity.
  • Looking clean and all dress up shows that you are ready for work.

2. Be on time

  • Punctuality and reliability are the keys to flexible work hours.
  • Take into consideration the hours and time zones arrangements.
  • Plan your schedule around your colleagues or boss’ program and show on time for the video calls or conferences.

3. Display a positive body language

  • Have a proper sitting posture: keep your back straight and shoulders back sitting at the end of the chair with your derriere touching the back of the chair.
  • Do not slouch on the chair or put your feet up on the desk.

4. Pay attention to nonverbal cues: yawning, frowning, rolling eyes.

  • People express unconscious emotions through some nonverbal cues such as rolling your eyes when you dislike or not agree with an idea.
  • Take control of your feelings and provide positive feedback.

5. Demonstrate exemplary verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

  • Use a respectful tone of voice to give a strong message to your words.
  • Do not take control of the conversation. Make sure others can express their point of view.

6. Keep the decor in good taste.

  • Make sure the space is uncluttered, furnishings and decorations are in good taste.
  • Do not display controversial photos or objects of art.


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