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The basic rules of conversation etiquette during the Holidays

Astonished, and utterly shocked! To watch on Tv etiquette experts advising people that we should not discuss topics such as politics and religion with our family and friends during the Holiday season. One etiquette expert even said that if someone starts a conversation about politics, then we obediently should listen and zip it.

I can’t believe that living in 21-century people can’t have a civil conversation about politics, religion, abortion, and other “hot” topics.

If we can’t share our opinion with friends and relatives, then who should we discuss with?

I have recently attended a dinner with some friends where I met for the first time a very nice and well-spoken woman. We had interesting conversations ranging from how to teach boys good manners and build self-esteem to politics. We found out that we don’t share the same political view, but we could handle a very civil conversation and shared our opinions without raising our voices or getting frustrated or upset. Contrary, this conversation was very useful and we both found the common ground to express our beliefs. By the end of the night, we have exchanged phone numbers and set the next meeting. Before we left, we hugged and said good-bye to each other in a respectful manner.

Approach a delicate conversation with civility and common sense, maintain respect and keep a sense of decency, careful manage your voice tone, make sure your gestures express your feelings. People are open and respond courteously to people who show respect, understanding, and honesty.  

Someone said that conversation is like a tennis match, you receive the ball, swing at it, and pass it back over the net. The other person will add something of its own and send the ball back to you. Your next move sets the tone of the conversation and depends on the strategy you apply.

Create connections with your family and friends through sincere and open conversations, don’t be afraid to speak out and make them know your thoughts yet make them feel comfortable around you. And don’t forget to apply always the three-common core of etiquette: honesty, respect, and consideration.


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