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How to walk with elegance and increase confidence

If you walk, just walk. If you sit, just sit. But don’t wobble.

Put your personality into your walk to increase your confidence and to demonstrate style.

Stand tall and give the impression of walking smoothly.

Standing tall will instantly improve your appearance: you will look slimmer, and your clothes will hang properly.

Radiate confidence keeping your head and chin up, always looking forward.

Walk with elegance positioning one foot in front of the other and place the front heel next to the middle of the back foot. Turn the front foot slightly outward and keep your weight balanced on both feet.

Carry yourself gracefully and convey a confident body posture keeping your hands by your side and walking with a natural swing.


  • do not look down on your feet or ground
  • don’t make your steps too wide
  • do not drag your feet
  • avoid slouching your shoulders
  • don’t keep your hands in your pockets


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