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  • Mini skirt styling tips
Mini skirt styling tips

How to wear and move gracefully wearing a mini skirt

Mini skirts are back in trend, but many women feel uncomfortable wearing one because they may look too provocative or sexy. Here is the good news, you can rock a mini skirt the grown-up way looking stylish yet modest and feeling comfortable with a few styling tips.

Styling tips on how to make a mini skirt look modest:

  •  Choose A-line skirt that sits naturally at your waist and gives you room when you walk.
  •  Pick a thicker fabric such as wool, corduroy, velvet instead of a flowy, loose skirt than can blow away when the wind goes through.
  • Make sure that the skirt has a lining underneath to avoid the skirt from riding up.
  • Pair a mini skirt with long sleeves, dressier tops to cover more skin.
  •  Layer up an oversize blazer, sweater, or a trench coat keeping unfastened to show your legs.
  • Wear tights that match your skin tone for office hours.
  • Pair the skirt with low heels to downplay the length of the skirt.
  •  Do not pair high heels with a mini at the office: heels make your legs appear longer and expose more skin.
  • You can wear high heels with a mini skirt suit that gives you enough coverage for the upper body, and you can reveal your legs keeping a balanced silhouette.

The rule of thumb on styling a mini skirt is to wear an appropriate top and footwear.

Walk with confidence and try not to pull down your skirt, you will only draw more attention.

And don’t forget the way you carry yourself while wearing mini skirt matters too!

While sitting, you have two options: keep your knees together, tucking one ankle behind the other, or you may opt for a more ladylike posture keeping your legs together and slightly to the side.

To make sure that the skirt stays down and doesn’t wrinkle beneath you then use one hand to hold the back of your skirt close to your body, bellow your derriere before sitting.

Bend at the knees if you have to pick up something and apply the same strategy as mentioned above.


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