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  • Pumps - take shoes off at home
Pumps - take shoes off at home

How to build a timeless and stylish closet

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.

Franklin P. Jones, American businessman

Building a timeless yet stylish wardrobe is a process that evolves over the years.

As you age, your body changes! It would be best to have new pieces in your closet to refresh your look and adjust how you dress up to your lifestyle.

Steps for building your dream wardrobe

  • Start fresh and clean up your closet before adding new pieces! No more attachments to clothes! If they don’t fit or they have spots, then toss them away.
  • Before going shopping, make sure you have the garments list you need to mix and match with garments you already have in the closet.
  • Develop smart shopping habits: know your budget and buy only the best you can afford!
  • Try on the garment first, and after, look for the price tag. If you would see the price before you try it on, you may be tempted to buy it only because it’s on sale.
  • Buy quality over quantity: quality fabric may be pricey sometimes, but they last longer than the cheaper fabrics. You may apply my theory here: ” I am too poor to buy cheap items.”
  • Buy mix and match pieces rather than the whole outfit. The rule is to “minimize the number of pieces to maximize the number of outfits.”
  • Buy layer clothes: jackets, vests, cardigans, trenches, coats, oversized shirts, you name it. Layers give an instant polish look and make any outfit more interesting.
  • Fit is the key to any clothing piece you want to add to your closet—fit clothes for your actual body shape and size.
  • Jazz up your wardrobe with accessories! They can be the focal point of any outfit and can help better define your personality.


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