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The powerful effect of saying Thank You

Thank you is a polite word that we use to show our gratitude to a person who did something for us.  But saying Thank You is beyond showing good manners; it is a way to build and maintain social and personal relationships.

We say Thank You daily, and probably most of the time, we say it from inertia without giving a thought. Stop for a moment and think how precious it was for the worker at the store who helped you bagged the grocery when you thanked her for help. Have you noticed how her face lit up and a big smile appeared on her face?

Psychologically, thank you makes people happy, fills their soul with positive emotions, and helps them resonate and connect with people daily.

Thank You has a ripple effect

A new study shows that expressing our gratitude to others has not only a positive influence on the two-person exchange but also has an impact on the “people who simply witness an act of gratitude.”

When we say Thank you, we make the other person feel appreciated, and they are more likely to help us in the future because they see that their actions are valued.

Thank You is a law of reciprocity

Thank you shows gratitude for what we receive, and we should respond with graceful manners using words: It was my pleasure, or You are welcome. Always return the sentiment and avoid saying No problem or No worries.

We can also respond positively to their actions with reciprocity, saying, “I know you would do the same for me.” It is an excellent way to reward a kind action and make them feel the same way. But make sure that the intent behind your words is not expecting anything in return. Choose a tone of voice that sincerely expresses your feelings.

Thank you shows genuine appreciation and helps us connect emotionally, improving relationships, building trust and respect.


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