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  • The future of shopping and designing clothes
  • The future of shopping and designing clothes
The future of shopping and designing clothes The future of shopping and designing clothes

Would you trust a virtual assistant to choose your clothes?

Technology is a powerful tool that makes our lives easier and helps us with our daily personal and professional tasks. The laptop and the I – gadgets are the most precious devices that we turn to every time we browse on the internet to find a piece of new information, interact on social media platforms, and even shop online. And every day, we become more and more dependable on it.

Furthermore, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), we can find information with only the subjects we are more interested in because AI learns our history through internet searching, knows our preferences, and directs us to suitable sources. I have found so many designers, clothing brands, and beneficial sites that I never heard of it. I would not know about the existence of all of these without the help of this brilliant brain behind the screen.

But there is more…

Imagine you are home enjoying a relaxing evening, and an invitation to a dinner party pops up in your email. Instantly you rush to your closet to check if you have and appropriate attire for the event. After a quick assessment, you decide that now it’s the right occasion to buy a new dress. You reach for your VR headset, and you are instantly immersed in a room filled with dresses that are only your size. A virtual assistant automatically appears and suggests which dress style is more appropriate for the event. And if you think of what shoes would go well with the dress, then the assistant can help you with this problem too.

When you are all set on your purchase, the AI pays your bill automatically, and your order is sent to a 3D printing machine that designs and creates your dress in only 90 minutes. In a few hours, the bespoke dress you ordered is on the steps of your front door.

The future of shopping and designing clothes

How does it work?

The 3-D body scanning technology using infrared with a perfectly accurate depth can produce a digital copy of the human body and make personalized clothes. The printer can create many variations of materials and colors with no waste and less cost. As a result, the retail price for bespoke clothes will be lower with an incredible amount of personalization.

When will this happen?

The prediction is that this will be the feature of shopping and designing clothes by 2030.  And if you have any doubts about the 3D printing clothing, I can tell you that it’s already on the market.

Many companies have already adopted this technology, and now they train AI with a human fashion expert to learn various features to make personalized clothing.

As you see, the future of clothing and shopping is nearer than we thought and once again we can’t avoid the progress of technology.

The question is: Would you trust a virtual assistant to choose your clothes?


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