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Take shoes off at home

It may be convenient, but it’s not healthy to keep your shoes on when you get home. The sole of the shoes, especially the plastic ones, can retain viruses, bacteria, and all kinds of germs for a few days. 

  • Make a habit and change your shoes before entering the house, especially now during the coronavirus outbreak.

Choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable and go with everything, and you can wear them only outside. 

Now, I wear only a pair of shoes outside the house, white classic sports shoes that are easy to clean and go with everything. When I get home, I leave them on the rug in front of the door, take my socks off and wear the house slippers.

  • Wear closed-toe shoes to avoid exposing too much skin. 

Springtime is unpredictable, windy, and rainy days can carry germs and viruses from all over the city. Stepping accidentally in a puddle and wearing closed-toe shoes can prevent your feet not only to get wet but also to catch some germs. Or the worst-case scenario, you can step on gum and carry it on your shoes’ sole to your home.

  • Clean your shoes: put gloves on and wipe the sole of your shoes with disinfected wipes or alcohol sanitizer. 

Also, you can apply the tape shoe trick that fashion stylists use: cover the bottom with one layer of duct tape. I use it all the time to protect the sole, especially when the shoes are new, in case I must return them.

Take off your shoes when you get home, clean them, and leave them for a couple of hours outside.

 Probably now, with this occasion, many people will start implementing a new house rule requiring shoes off in the house.


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