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  • Carry a handabag on forearm
  • The etiquette of holding a bag
Carry a handabag on forearm The etiquette of holding a bag

Bag-Carrying Styles: What You’re Really Saying To The World

We all know that a handbag is a girl’s best friend. But did you know that how we carry our bags reveals more about us than you think? The way we hold our bag is often an unconscious gesture and can tell others more about us than seem on the surface. According to body language experts, much information about our personality can be revealed by how we carry our handbags.

Here are the messages that various styles of bag-carrying are sending to people who see them.

Carrying a handbag on the forearm

One way to carry a handbag is on your forearm. While it can add a sense of elegance to your style, holding the bag in this way can also send out signals about your personality. In most cases, wearing the bag this way is generally a display of strength and power. So when you switch from carrying it in your hand to your arm, you might be expressing either extra confidence or an intention to project authority.

Over the shoulder

A woman who wears her bag over her shoulder is sending a message of confidence about not hiding behind anything; she’s also practical by keeping the handbag out of the way. Wearing your bag over your shoulder also frees both of your hands to carry other things or to wave goodbye to the person you’re talking to.

 When you hold the bag tightly over one shoulder, it can make you appear nervous and insecure. Conversely, with a loose grip and shoulders back, you are more likely to appear confident and content with yourself.

Cross-body bag

Wearing a cross-body bag on one shoulder shows confidence; you’re more likely to be comfortable in your own skin when you feel that nothing obstructs your solar plexus.

Wearing a cross-body bag in front of the body is often associated with a shy and reserved personality.

A woman with a cross-body bag slung behind her body appears more independent than when the bag is in front. It shows a woman comfortable with her environment and self-reliant.

A lady should always avoid holding her bag with both hands in front of her body or tucking it under the arm. Both signal a sense of insecurity or the feeling that you are vulnerable, which is definitely not desirable for ladies who have something to prove. Likewise, the hands should always be free; women who adjust their bags or move them to their arms seem impatient or uncomfortable. The natural way is to hold the handbag with one hand close to your body and let it hang at your side.


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