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  • A woman who has class
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A woman who has class Woman with class

What does it mean to have class?

Many people have heard someone referring to a woman as “she has class”, but you couldn’t quite understand if it’s a compliment or just an expression used for someone who has a social status or looks all put together wearing expensive clothes.

Having class has nothing to do with social status, money in the bank account, the type of car you drive, or the clothing brand you wear. Money, power, or success does not give you class.

Class comes from within, not from fame and status. Class act is built on a healthy belief system.

Having class involves character, attitude, good manners, acting and dressing with consideration for oneself and others. Class means to behave with sensitivity and show tolerance to others.

A woman who has class

Here are some of the characteristics of a woman with class:


A woman with class shows confidence and authority through her actions and attitude carrying herself with pride without showing off.

Respectful manners

She portrays an image of confidence with courteous and respectful manners showing empathy and humility yet having the courage to be in control of the situation.


A woman with class has an abundance of self-control and self-confidence without being arrogant and has the ability to increase the confidence in people around her.


A woman with class is a woman with integrity who cares for others and understands the importance of trustworthiness.

Pleasant appearance

A woman with class attracts people with her pleasant appearance, and mostly she arouses interest and curiosity with her class-act.

A woman with class should be the one to follow if you want to raise your personal standards and the quality of your attitude.

Having class is continuously looking for ways to self-improvement by recreating yourself and becoming the person you aspire to be.


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