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  • Hands in pocket
Hands in pocket

Hands in pockets with thumbs up

Thumbs up convey the message of power, dominance, and superiority.
Hands in the pockets with thumbs protruding up give the impression of a confident and authoritative person. Also, this posture gives you a relaxed appearance that translates confidence and self-esteem.

Both hands in pockets with thumbs up

Women use this posture usually when they are posing for a shot while men often do when they want to look cool and show their superiority or want to impress a woman whom they feel attracted to and get her attention.

One hand in pocket with thumb up

One hand in pocket with the thumb sticking out is a high confidence display and comfort.
It’s a resting position especially when you lean against a rail or support your back on a wall. You often find this posture in fashion magazines or on the runway when models hold a jacket over one shoulder showing a nonchalant elegance with a striking pose.

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