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Get Your Look Back on Track!

Get your look back on track!

Trends change seasonally bringing up new designs with a diversity of colors and styles influencing our senses and giving us a chance to start fresh a new season.

It’s time to freshen up your look and start to reinvent yourself!  
I know that feeling when you dedicate your time for kids and family and forget just to breathe and accord a little time for yourself.  Now, it’s the perfect time to give your entire life a makeover. 

Devote time to yourself and let’s go together on a fashion adventure. You will see a different you! A woman who loves herself and feels confident, a woman who wakes up in the morning and loves what she sees in the mirror.  Are you ready? Let’s start with baby steps …

There are three things that a woman must have: a good perfume, a lipstick and a pair of black pumps. 

My mom always says ” A woman must always smell good. Smelling good, you feel good.” You start your day fresh and confident. Smell is the number one factor that can change your mood instantly. A pleasant fragrance can improve your mood and the sense of well-being. If you smell good and feel good you look beautiful.

Always wear lipstick! You may not believe it but a lipstick changes your appearance in a minute. You know those mornings when you just have time to dress up and grab the shoes while you jump in the car. The lipstick can save you! Put on lipstick, wear the sunglasses and nobody will notice your morning rush. The sunglasses and the lipstick save your appearance. 
Number one rule: start changing your look wearing lipstick every day. Start with a lipstick color that you feel comfortable with. 
Wear lipstick even when you go to the beach. A hat, sunglasses, and lipstick are all you need to look fresh at the beach.

Black pumps are always in trend and they go with everything! Wear it with jeans, skirts, dresses, suit, leggings, you name it. Black shoes are the most versatile and timeless staple in women’s closet. The black pumps are your hand-picked whenever the occasion calls for. They are the foundation for building up your closet with timeless pieces that you can wear over and over for years and never be a fashion victim.

Let’s refresh the three things you must start with: the perfume to start fresh and feel good, the lipstick is the one piece of make up that change your entire look, and the black pumps that keep you totally on trend. 


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