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Hat etiquette for men

A hat is a versatile and functional accessory that a man can wear it to finish off an outfit or to make a fashion statement.
Wearing a baseball cap to a sporting event or a stylish Panama hat to a seaside vacation is a way a man can show his sense of style. And removing his hat shows a gesture of respect and knowing when to take it off is as important as wearing the right hat or outfit for the occasion.

Here are a few general guidelines, according to advice from Emily Post, for taking off hats indoors for men:

  • at the dinner table
  • at the movie theater and art performances
  • at the office
  • in restaurants or pubs
  • in schools, churches, courthouses, and libraries
  • at home and in someone’s house
  • outdoor and indoor games during the national anthem
  • parades or other activities when the national song is played

A gentleman is a man who shows manners and respect with both his words and his actions.


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