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Why is it important to apologize the right way

An apology is more than saying sorry. A simple sorry is not enough and does not resolve the problem and can hurt even more because it may sound insincere. Saying I am sorry can make the apologizing person feel better and ready to move on. But it can create harm for the hurt person, leaving a feeling of disappointment, frustration, self-doubt, and sometimes a lasting scar.

An apology is not a justification, and it is not an excuse to say a simple ‘I am sorry, but…” or ” I was wrong, but.”

Apologizing is the first step to start the repairing process of a damaged connection and relationship. That is why it is essential to know how to apologize the right way and go beyond saying sorry.

  1. An apology requires the person to acknowledge and accept the misconduct.
  2. Before offering an apology, you must regret your actions sincerely and take responsibility for your own mistakes.
  3. Be humble when you offer an apology and make it sound honest and heartfelt.
  4. A sincere apology does not demand forgiveness from the other person. It requires time, effort to put on in avoiding a repeat behavior.
  5. Apologizing is not a weakness; one needs the courage to take full responsibility for their actions and admit their mistakes.
  6. When you apologize DO NOT blame, justify, excuse, and minimize your behavior.
  7. DO admit, accept, indicate, and adjust your actions.

An honest apology is a step towards reconciliation between you and the other person and ultimately to restore your integrity and character.

Here are some examples of apologizing:

Formal: “Please accept my apology for snapping at you in the meeting. I am sure you were embarrassed, and it was wrong to treat you like this. It was insensitive, and I regret it.”

Informal: ” I am sorry about what I said last night. It wasn’t truly kind, and I regret hurting your feelings.”


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