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Proper siting posture Mini skirt fitting Mini skirt fabric Mini skirt with tights Mini skirt style Mini skirt with long sleeves top Mini skirt suit with high heels

How to wear a mini skirt at a certain age

Grown women must never dress childishly, but neither should they accept age as inevitable. It is not, not in fashion.

Elsa Schiaparelli

Many mature women avoid wearing a mini skirt because they fear sending the wrong message looking too provocative for their age. But dressing with maturity doesn’t mean to give up looking fashionable and avoid wearing certain clothing styles.
Aging in style is about understanding how to incorporate some elements to create a contemporary look that makes you feel great and matches the stage of life in which you are right now.
So, no matter the age, every woman can wear a mini skirt while looking stylish yet modest and comfortable with a few styling tips.

The rule of thumb

  • Do not wear a mini skirt if you feel uncomfortable.
  • The shorter your skirt, the lower the heel should be.
  • The appropiate length for the office is one hand above the knee.

The way you carry yourself while wearing mini skirt matters!

  • Walk with confidence and do not pull down your skirt; you will only draw more attention.
  • When you sit, keep your knees together, tucking one ankle behind the other, or you may opt for a more ladylike posture keeping your legs together and slightly to the side.
  • Use one hand to hold the back of your skirt close to your body below your derriere before sitting. This way, your skirt stays down and doesn’t wrinkle beneath you.
  • Bend at the knee if you want to pick up something from the ground.

Styling tips

Choose the right fit

  • Choose a skirt that sits properly at your natural waist to help the skirt stay in place without shifting while you are walking.
  • Tall women can choose a miniskirt that hangs lower on the hips, so the skirt is long enough to cover the derriere.
  • Petite women should choose a style that hits at the natural waistline to make the legs appear longer.

Pick up the right fabric

  • Choose fabrics that are fluid and drapey for summer that skims the body instead of hugging every curve.
  • Select a thicker fabric for the cold season, such as tweed, wool, velvet, or corduroy.

Wear tights

  • Wear tights that match your skin tone, and ensure that the skirt has a lining underneath to prevent the skirt from riding up.

Choose the right top

  • Pair a mini skirt with long sleeves and dressier tops to cover more skin, especially during office hours.
  • Layer up an oversize blazer as a top for a modern look or a trench coat unfastened to show your legs.

Choose the right footwear

  • Pair the skirt with low heels to downplay the length of the skirt.
  • Do not pair high heels with a mini skirt at the office: heels make your legs look longer and expose more skin.
  • Choose closed-toe shoes for the office and avoid strappy sandals.

Pair high heels with a mini skirt suit

You can wear high heels with a mini skirt suit that gives you more coverage for the upper body, and you can reveal your legs keeping a balanced silhouette.


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