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Fuchsia color trend 2020

Fuchsia is a bold color that captures the attention immediately. The pink-purple shade brings exuberance, displaying vitality and good vibes.

Fuchsia is for women who like to be in the spotlight and display high self-esteem. Women who wear this playful color evoke a feminine charm and projects an optimistic personality.

Pairing fuchsia color with bright yellow tones or with lime green creates a bold color palette that immediately grabs the attention. For a more sophisticated look, combine this hot pink-purple hue with a light shade of cool gray or neutral tan.


  • Fuchsia is a mixed warm-cool color and is named after the pink-purple flower of the fuchsia plant.
  • Fuchsia received its name in honor of the German botanist Leonard Fuchs.
  • The color’s name was introduced as the dye fuchsine, and later the dye was named magenta. Therefore, fuchsia is often confused with magenta color because of the slight differences: magenta has a red hue while fuchsia is more of a purple tint.
  • Psychologically, fuchsia color inspires confidence and maturity, and it is a symbol of elegance and good taste.

Find out how you can wear this pink shade in business here.


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