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Professional attire – Pants & shirt styling tips

Pants and shirt combo is a go-to outfit for business meetings and office attire for women who want to look professional and stylish. A button-up shirt paired with a pair of tailored pants speak professionalism and style.

Here are a few styling tips to consider when you choose a two-piece set for a more polished and refined look.


  • Choose well-tailored pants that fit perfectly and have the right length.
  • Make sure to coordinate your shoes with your pants.
  • Select neutral colors, and subtle patterns.
  • Opt for wrinkle-free fabrics and the best quality you can afford.

Wear a pair of high-rise pants with an untucked shirt only if you add a third layer like a blazer or a cardigan.

Tuck the shirt into pants if you wear only a two-piece set.

Wear low-rise pants with a shirt tucked in and add a belt for a well-put-together look.


  • Choose long sleeves shirts than short sleeves; long sleeves look more professional.
  • The length of the sleeve should end where your palm meets the wrist.
  • Keep the colors neutral and avoid bold prints. The bigger or the bolder is the pattern, and the less formal the shirt is.
  • The shoulder seams should sit on top of the shoulder bone.
  • Make sure there are no gaps between buttons, and it fits well your bust.
  • Choose a shirt collar style with a straight cut, also known as straight-point or the forward-point collar. This type of collared shirt is a classic design that makes it appropriate for most occasions.
  • As a rule of thumb, when you wear a dress shirt, you can leave two buttons undone from the collar.

You can easily transition this combo from a business look to a casual one. Unfasten a few buttons and roll up the sleeves, untuck the shirt and you can have a new look for a night out in town. Wearing a shirt unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up shows a nonchalant and confident personality.

Check out this article to learn more about tucking a shirt into pants or skirts.


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