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  • Ballet flats
Ballet flats Ballet flats

How to choose the classic ballet flats

Ballet flats are the classic, timeless, and iconic staple that every woman should have in her closet. They are the go-to shoes giving comfort, a laid-back yet effortlessly chic look.
One of the Spring shoe trends prominent in many collections was the ballet flats. Each designer brings a modern interpretation of the classic shoe with additional details like chains or rockstuds and new materials such as tweed or satin with a pointy or square toe style.

But when we think of a pair of classic ballet flats like the iconic Chanel cap-toe flats, what are the elements that make them stand apart.

Here are the elements that give them authenticity:

  • A chic pair of ballet flats have a thin and very low-stacked heel with a rounded cap. And they have a low cut on the top of the shoes but do not show too much toe cleavage. When you buy ballet shoes, make sure that the cap is not too round. A rounded toe looks cheap and shortens your legs.
  • The ballet shoes come in solid and classic colors like beige, navy, or black. But if you want to make a fashion statement, you can choose a bright color for the ballet shoes and wear them in contrast with a neutral outfit.
  • The classical ballet Chanel cap toe is the ultimate style you can buy and have in your closet. They work with everything from casual looks to evening dressings. But for an elegant finish, you may pick a neutral color palette in leather.

The classic ballet flats are so versatile that you can wear them year-round, no matter the trends, with any outfit, and you will always look très chic.


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