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Change clothes when you get home

Changing your clothes when you get home is a habit that you should embrace, especially now during the coronavirus outbreak. One of the clothes’ roles is protection, but unfortunately, they can protect and carry germs and viruses.

The latest statistics show that fabrics can hold the coronavirus up to 72 hours, especially on zippers and metallic buttons.

Nowadays, going to the grocery store is a big adventure and concern because of the fear of contamination. But you can protect yourself wearing a few articles of clothing such as a scarf, a high turtleneck top, gloves, and a third layer to cover you up.

A scarf and high turtleneck top can easily replace the mask working as a shield. Passing by other people, you can lower your jaw until the scarf or turtleneck covers your mouth and nose.

Gloves are handy and protective, especially when you go grocery shopping: pushing the shopping cart, taking items from shelves, touching and handling shopping bags.

The third layer with long sleeves provides an extra layer of protection covering your arms and the clothes underneath. Going outside for a walk or just having a cup of tea sitting on the patio, make sure you wear an extra layer to protect yourself.

If you wear a coat or a layer, then you should place them outside and expose them to the sunlight. The ultraviolet from the sunlight can destroy any germs on clothes.
The conclusion is you should change your clothes immediately when you get home and wash them separately.


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