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Look your best while working from home

Clothes can change our mood and the way we feel. Wearing PJ all day makes you feel like lounging on the couch and watch tv. But if you are all dress up like ready to go to work, you will feel more energized with a positive mindset.

Don’t be careless if you stay home. Get up, wash, and change your clothes. Put some makeup and lipstick on and get ready for a new day.

 As a stylist, I always advise my clients to have a shelf with clothes that they can wear in the house. I am not talking about the college sweatshirt and sweatpants or clothes with holes, missing buttons, or stains.

Cozy doesn’t mean lousy. Wear casual and comfortable clothes that are clean and neat. Tidy, well-fitted, and well-kept clothes radiate good personal care and hygiene.

My motto is to be dressed like you are ready to have guests.

Create the habit of changing your clothes every morning and when you get home. Changing your clothes when you get home is a habit that you should embrace, especially now during the coronavirus outbreak. One of the clothes’ roles is protection, but unfortunately, they can protect and carry germs and viruses.

The latest statistics show that fabrics can hold the coronavirus up to 72 hours, especially on zippers and metallic buttons.

If you wear a coat or a layer, then you should place them outside and expose them to the sunlight. The ultraviolet from the sunlight can destroy any germs on clothes.

The conclusion is whenever you get home; you should change your clothes immediately and wash them separately.

Read more here how to create the perfect balance of comfy and casual dressing, adopting a smart casual style to inspire you to be at your most productive at home.


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