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  • Red color and light neutrals
  • Red sheath dress
  • Red suit and printed top
Red color and light neutrals Red sheath dress Red suit and printed top

How to wear red color for a professional look

Red is what you wear when you want to make a statement. It’s just that idea of feeling bold.

Nyjerah Cunningham, VIP stylist

We are always looking for new ways to attract and keep people’s attention. Specific characteristics of your work attire, such as what colors you wear and how you dress, strongly affect the impressions you make on other people, including your clients.

Colors have a powerful psychological impact on people. Studies show that 93% of people focus on visual appearance and choosing the right colors for your outfit can have a strong visual impact on your clients.

Red is one of the most exciting and attention-grabbing colors to wear. It’s the color of energy, love, and passion and makes you stand out in a crowd. It’s a powerful color that shows you are confident, passionate, and determined to get the job done. But wearing too much of this color at work can be distracting and make you seem frivolous. As a result, people will think you do not take your client’s views and concerns seriously.

Here are a few styling tips for wearing red and looking professional

  • Create a striking but professional look by pairing your red pieces with a neutral color like white or beige. These color combinations, red with beige or red with white, make a bold but sophisticated look that draws attention without making you look cheap or too flashy.
  • Wear red with light neutrals when you want to look brighter, and wear darker neutrals when you want to look softer and more sophisticated. Dark colors can overwhelm bright colors and take away from what makes them special.
  • Find the right balance by adding bold prints. For example, wear a red suit with a printed top rather than wearing just one boldly red item like a dress. This bold look will make you seem more dynamic and creative.
  • Wear red pieces as an accent if you don’t want to draw undue attention. For instance, try wearing a bold red blouse with a neutral skirt or pants and some red accessories like a bag, a pair of shoes, or a scarf.
  • When wearing red, avoid body-hugging garments and keep your clothing less revealing to make you look more professional than sexy. The safest way to wear red professionally is to choose classic cuts and simple designs. For example, a sheath dress with a modest V-neckline and knee-length is the right choice for a classic, sophisticated look that will help you stand out in a professional setting.


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