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  • walking with confidence in high heels
  • walking with confidence in high heels
walking with confidence in high heels walking with confidence in high heels

How to walk with confidence in high heels

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. —Christian Louboutin

Walking with grace and elegance while looking confident in high heels can be tricky and challenging. But despite all this, we know that a pair of high heels are the best addition to almost any outfit making our legs look longer and our body slimmer. 

Learning how to walk in high heels requires a little effort and practice and a few tips to help in the process. 

Find the right fit

The secret for a great posture is to find a pair of high heels that fit perfectly and feel comfortable keeping your foot in place and giving support as you walk.

For beginners, start with a pair of wedges. They are easier to manage while giving you the height of a heel and support for the foot.

For those who want to try a taller heel, choose a pair of high heels with ankle straps. They will give you stability holding your foot in place but enough mobility to walk gracefully and avoid stomping.

Buy good quality

Look for style, fit, and comfort. Good quality high heels are the ones that have sturdy soles to help support the balls of the feet and keep the balance while walking. You should try on the shoes and walk in them while shopping to see if you feel comfortable. If the shoes make clopping noises when you walk, that means the shoes do not fit properly, and you should avoid buying that style.

Make sure that the shoes have an anti-slip sole grip to prevent you from sliding on the slippery floors. If the foot slides forward while walking in high heels, you can avoid it by sticking an insole inside the heel. This way, your heel will not slip out when walking.

Take time and practice

Walking in high heels and looking more naturally takes time and practice. First, try walking on the balls of your feet without shoes around the house to strengthen your ankles. Then, put on your favorite heels and place one foot in front of the other, trying to walk in a straight line. Look forward and correct your balance all the time when your body tends to lean forward. 

Walking gracefully in high heels is an experience in which all the body get engaged from head-to-toe. 

Follow these steps and perfect your posture while walking in high heels:

Engage the whole body

The whole idea of walking gracefully and feeling confidently in high heels is to be conscious of your body and find a natural rhythm of your steps. 

Relax, set yourself at a comfortable pace, and walk as fast as you feel confident while keeping your balance. Hold your head high and keep your shoulders back, engage the core pulling in the abdominal muscles, and let your hips move slightly, relaxing your knees and taking small steps.

Practice your steps

Step on your heel first, followed by your toe to give you more balance. Do not put the whole foot on the ground at once, and be careful, do not overstretch yourself with long and quick strides. Walking in high heels gracefully, you need to take more steps to make your strides shorter and help you find a natural rhythm.

When you walk downstairs, put your heel and toe together and when you go upstairs, put all your weight on your toes and always hold on the railing.

Walk slowly and lean slightly back

Walking slowly but with precision gives you an air of confidence. Trying to walk quickly in heels, you will lean more forward, and your walk will look quite awkward. The best is to take your time in heels, make small steps, and not compromise your balance. If you feel that you walk faster and try to stretch your neck forward to compensate, then lean slightly back to counteract, allowing yourself to keep a straight and confident posture.

Control your posture

The more you walk in heels, the more confident you become and in control of your posture. Whenever you have a chance, get out of the house wearing your favorite high heels shoes and practice your steps. Always stand tall and straight, keep your core engaged, keep your chin parallel to the floor, and position your head in the center of your spine.

 When you feel more confident, venture out in public in your heels and turn your walk into a seductive strut. 


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