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Baseball cap etiquette

With the rising of the baseball cap trend, many fashion magazines suggest inspirational outfits on how to wear a baseball hat the grown-up way beyond sporty and casual styles.

Originally, baseball caps were designed for sun protection, especially to shield the player’s eyes from the sun. Now, baseball caps come in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics suitable not only for casual wear but also for an urban look.

If you want to adopt this fashion trend and wear a baseball cap as a fashion accessory, then you may reflect on this etiquette advice.

A woman can keep the hat on while indoors if she wears a dress hat that makes part of the outfit. But if she wears a functional hat to keep her warm or protect her from the sun, then she should take it off when she steps inside. The same rule applies if a woman wears a baseball cap, a Panama hat, or a beach hat.

Before jumping to the conclusion, think how you feel like a woman when a man who wears a baseball cap meets you at the pub, and he doesn’t take his hat off?

“Wearing a hat every day symbolized something important, not because you wore it but because you took it off.”

The decision is yours to make!


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