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How to use verbal communication to create a positive personal image

Your words say more about you than you ever thought.

Do you know that the way you talk and how you sound to other people reflect your personal image?

A distinctive tone of voice and expressions used consistently can become easily recognizable as your clothes or makeup or colors you wear and reinforce some aspects of your image.

Keep a distinctive and consistent tone

No matter what business you represent, you will likely make a first impression on your clients or followers with words through a webinar, an article on your website, a post, or emails.
Whatever words and tone you use, it must be consistent throughout your communications so your clients can recognize who is speaking.

Create an emotional connection

The words you use shape how your clients see you and build ongoing relationships based on emotional engagement.

Verbal communication can convey more meaning when the tone of voice is natural and express the right emotions with the message sent.

The pitch used assists in emphasizing certain words that help people identify the intention of your message.

Add to your message more credibility being:

  • Sincere
  • Straightforward yet kind
  • Authentic
  • Attentive

Whatever words and tone you use, it must be consistent throughout your communications, so your message is perfectly understandable.


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