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3 Personal Style Myths Debunked

Style is a concept of self, of what we want to become, and how to get there.

Dominique Loreau

Personal style is the ability to create a visual image of yourself, showing your distinctive character, and defining the person you are through clothing.

Let us debunk a few myths about personal style:

  1. Personal style is a “type,” and you must fit in one stereotype category.

The most fundamental aspect of your style is your ability to imagine and create yourself.  You choose who you are and want to become and select a personal style for the image you made in your mind of a future self.

Stop defining your style as a “type” and create your unique way of dressing that shows who you are.

2. Personal style is innate, and it is something you have it or not. 

Style is not innate but trained.

Most people are not born with a sense of style, and even those who have this talent need training. Dressing well is a skill that can be learned and the more you practice this skill, the easier it will become. Your ability to dress better will become very instinctual, and you will know which outfits flatter your figure and what type of style matches your personality.

You must figure out your personality, who you want to be and become and then dress accordingly.

 Most importantly, your style should come from your goals, aspirations, and be created for who you choose to be.

3. You choose a style and stick with it.

Style is not fixed; it is flexible and always in progress. Your style changes as you evolve in life and transform yourself.

You can intentionally choose your style in different situations when meeting distinctive people or attending events that require specific attire.

Refuse to get stuck in a style rut, work on it, and commit to finding the style that complements the image of who you want to become.

The essence of personal style is expressing your personality and displaying your strengths to create something more: ORIGINALITY.


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