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Your attitude and mindset determine your style

Style is an attitude, a reflection of yourself and your life.

I have learned over the years that style isn’t something you buy; it’s the way you feel about yourself and what picture you frame in your mind about yourself.
Style is more than just putting on something that looks great, like a good suit or a pair of fabulous shoes. It’s a feeling inside and out; style is the way you act, walk, and smile. It’s about exuding confidence.

Style is a state of mind.

It’s taking the time to express yourself and be yourself. First, it’s confidence and knowing who you are, what image you want to project, and how you want people to perceive you. Then, it’s what you wear, how you wear it, and what clothes you choose to surround yourself with.

Style is all about the choices you make.

It’s the person you want to be and the person you want others to see.
Style isn’t something that comes to you immediately and can certainly take years of experimenting and growth before you know your style.

Style is not about wearing the latest fashion trends.

Instead, it’s what you choose from the fashion trends to match your personal preferences and ultimately complement your style, how you carry yourself, and who you are as a person.

Style is feeling good about yourself.

Style is often closely intertwined with self-esteem and can be the thing that helps you gain confidence and boost your self-image.


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