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What not to wear to work

Working attire is probably the biggest problem that women encounter every day. Dressing for work, it’s not always simple, and the dos and don’ts can be challenging to deal with.

Working in a casual environment makes you think about how relaxed you should dress. Working in a corporate job, you may believe that the strict dress code will make you look like a secretary. Going to an event that requires a casual business, you may raise an eyebrow figuring out if jeans are appropriate. It sounds complicated! To help you to achieve a suitable look no matter your field, age, or your style and fashion sense, I will highlight a few things of what Not to Wear to work.

Eliminating all the things, you don’t need in your closet, it will make your life easier, and you will have a wardrobe suitable for work.

Also, if you don’t work in the fashion industry, avoid wearing trendy outfits:

  • Pj set
  • lame or sequin
  • -leather pants
  • -sleeveless tops
  • -cut-offs,off-shoulder, backless


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