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Hat Etiquette for Women

Proper hat etiquette is essential to ensure that you are polite and well-mannered, knowing when to remove a hat and when to keep it on for any occasion.

A woman who decides to incorporate a fashionable headwear in her outfit must know how to wear it elegantly but also the rules around proper hat etiquette.

One rule of the thumb, when you wear a hat while you are in people’s company: no matter which sides you prefer to wear, make sure that the brim of the hat does not block your companion’s view.

If you wear the hat tilted to the right, you should walk or sit on the left side of your partner and vice versa.

Dress Hat

A woman can keep the hat on indoors if she wears a dress hat that makes part of the outfit. However, women should follow this guideline when they wear fashionable headwear: 

  • keep the hat on while indoor or outdoor until 6:00 pm
  • do not wear a hat indoor after 6:00 pm
Dress hat etiquette

Functional Hat

A woman who wears a functional hat, to keep her warm or protect her from the sun, should take it off when she steps inside. The same rule applies if a woman wears a baseball cap, a Panama hat, or a beach hat.

Functional hat etiquette

Wide Brim Hat

Wearing a hat for a night at the theater, opera, or at the movies, you should remove it and place it on your laps to make sure that people behind you can see the stage.

Dress hat etiquette


A fascinator can be worn either way on the right or left side of your head and make sure that the details of the fascinator hat lie above the eyebrow line.

Fascinator etiquette

Hats are universal accessories that protect us from heat or cold and add a charming note to any looks. Any type of hat, narrow or wide brim, sets the entire outfit’s tone and brings a distinctive allure.

Therefore, a hat is a fashion accessory and a functional part of our wardrobe that can reveal one woman’s personality.


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