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Body language and coronavirus

Exceptional situations require adjusting manners!  It’s human nature to be concerned with our well-being. We should be all preoccupied with our health and safety space, especially now with the proliferation of coronavirus.

We can’t avoid interacting with people, but we can take extra measures of prevention. We can skip the classic handshake and have a mutual agreement using body language

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Poise and posture: sitting

“Elegant poise gives an instant ladylike impression and demonstrates balance, composure, and self-possession.” – Sarah Tomczak

A good sitting posture is keeping your back straight with your legs cross at the ankles. At the office make sure that you don’t slouch over your computer or paper works keeping your feet firmly on the ground, shoulders back, and neck straight.

The elegant way

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How to walk with confidence

“People assume their confidence is coming from their thoughts. They don’t realize their posture is affecting how much they believe in what they’re thinking.” – Richard Petty professor of psychology at Ohio State University.

Always look straight ahead raising your head and chin. Keep your back straight and push your shoulders slightly backward.Put your body weight on both legs leaving

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Body language – Hands in pockets

One hand in pocket with fingers out

One hand in pocket with fingers sticking out can be a very intimidating posture when a man takes this stance while admiring a woman. It translates a sensual allusive gesture without being vulgar. You will often see this posture at young men and rarely at mature men.

Both hands in pockets with fingers out


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Body language – Hands in pockets

Hands in pockets with thumbs up

Thumbs up convey the message of power, dominance, and superiority. Hands in the pockets with thumbs protruding up give the impression of a confident and authoritative person. Also, this posture gives you a relaxed appearance that translates confidence and self-esteem. Women use this posture usually when they are posing for a shot while men

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