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The Importance of Manners and Why We Need Them

Manners are what hold our society together. They remind us that there’s more than just us; we’re part of a greater whole, and others are important. Call it conscience or call it consideration; manners keep us connected and our world running smoothly.

Why do we need manners?

  • Manners are necessary to society, and they keep us civil, polite, and friendly. Without manners, we would be rude and uncivilized toward one another. Moreover, as we learn to interact in the world, good manners are an important way to show respect for others.
  • Manners help us make connections, ease tensions, and stay civilized through our common courtesy.
  • Manners are a form of communication. They let others know how you want to be treated, what you expect from them, and your expectations for the relationship with them.
  • Manners are our best tool for getting along with others. They remind us that everyone is the same, no matter who they are or where they came from.
  • Manners reveal our talent for compassion and empathy. They help us create a world where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their differences.
  • Manners make our world a better place. They remind us that kindness matters.

There’s no better way to show someone you care than by being respectful – and there’s no better way to live in harmony with one another than by following the socially accepted etiquette rules established over generations.

While it’s true that manners are sometimes considered old-fashioned or outdated, they’re still important in today’s world. You may not need to use them in every situation, but knowing when to use them will make things run more smoothly and help you avoid awkward situations.


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