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Flame – Spring/Summer 2017 Color Trends

Flame – a passionate red color that electrifies the entire pallet of Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report.
Red jumpsuits, pumps, flamboyant dresses, and blouses are the eye-catching fashion garments that certainly will strike the street style this upcoming season.
No matter what fashion garment a woman chooses to wear in flame color, this red based orange hue speaks out appealing, seductive, and provocative.

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Primrose Yellow – Spring/Summer 2017 Color Trends

Primrose Yellow, bright and full of vitality, is an abundance of sunshine that spreads its heat over the entire palette.
This color emanates a generous amount of good feelings and uplifts the spirit. Wear primrose yellow garments with contrasting accessories such as leopard and zebra print, or bold floral print. It is a way to enhance the beauty of this color

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Kale – Spring/Summer 2017 Color Trend

Kale a “green shade provides the perfect complementary background to the more vibrant tones in the palette.” Kale, deeper and softer green shade than greenery, gives a subtle note that speaks style. Outerwear in kale color, trenches and jackets, show off the stylish power of the color, meanwhile dresses and skirts give a shocking charming look.
Kale color, contrasting and powerful,

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Spring/Summer 2017 Color Trend – Greenery

Greenery – Color of 2017
Greenery, a ” yellow-green shade that evokes the first day of Spring”, brings up the re-connection with nature and  lift up the spirits for a new season ahead.
Green just the right color to start the Spring season fresh, full of vitality with positive attitude in pursuing personal goals.
Greenery, fresh, youthful, and relaxing, is the color that

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Blue Shades – Spring/ Summer 2017 Color trends

Blue color was the cool hue in the end of 2016! Celebrities embraced the blue color and the red carpet was a flame of gowns in different shades of blue. Street style was a display of blue furry coats, oversize sweaters and denim  jackets. Color blue had its momentum!
As we move toward Spring, Pantone has revealed three blue hues for

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Hazelnut – Spring/Summer 2017 Color Trends

Hazelnut – the perfect neutral that keeps the balance of the color palette. It’s a perfect transitional color between seasons from Winter to Spring and Summer to Fall.
Warm and natural, hazelnut reminds us of warm sandy beaches and sun kissed skin. Satin and tulle in hazelnut enriched the power of the color giving a luxurious touch. Perfectly wear for mid

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Spring 2017 Accessories Trend – Mismatched Earrings & Shoes

Mismatched trend continues to be on-trend this Spring season. Mismatched earrings or one single statement earring was a huge jewelry moment at the Fall 2016 runway shows. Now, the trend has expanded and has taken a stylish twist in mismatching shoes too.
Mismatching trend accessories prove that fashion trends are unconventional and they need time to evolve. The mismatched earrings trend

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