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  • Black and white contrasting
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Black and white contrasting Bright accessories

How to wear contrasting colors for a professional image

One way to express your personality is to choose colors that best say something about you. Are you creative, full of energy? Do you like to attract attention? Then wearing an outfit with bright colors will convey these traits of your personality.
On the other hand, if you are emotional, kind, and modest, you are more inclined to wear clothes in soft colors with feminine details like a delicate blouse with refined and simple accessories.

The color choices you make can boost your mood and make you feel more confident. And knowing how to choose the color combination that aligns with the message you wish to send will positively impact your interactions with clients and colleagues.

Let’s see a few styling tips you can apply to add a pop of color to your outfit:

Black & white contrast

You can express professionalism and capture attention by wearing the classic combination of black and white with a fashion-forward white peter pan collar with a black blazer.

Color contrasting

Contrasting colors can send a particular message, and the higher the contrast, the more you can create a powerful image.

Add a pop of color wearing dark tones separates with contrasting shoes to express your sense of style.

Bright accessories

Bright and bold colors convey confidence and vitality. You can style a monochromatic outfit with a contrasting color pursue to create a sharp contrast – feminine and bold.


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