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  • Camel and White combo
  • Camel and black color combo
  • Camel and navy combo
  • Camel and red color combo
Camel and White combo Camel and black color combo Camel and navy combo Camel and red color combo

How to put together versatile camel outfits

Camel color is one of the most famous neutrals with rich but not overpowering tones, often associated with winter and Christmas time. It’s a perfect color for cold months when you want to look stylish while staying warm and bundle up.
The camel shades mix well with darker colors but go very well with light ones, which favors every skin tone and looks great on everyone. And the beauty of this neutral hue is that its color alone gives a luxe appeal to any garment.

Camel is one of the most classic shades for fall and winter but can surprisingly look chic and modern following some styling tips.

Classic camel

  • Wear camel color with contrasting colors like navy, white, and accent with red for a dynamic combination and create a powerful overall effect.
  • Camel hues go well with brown shades and gold accents for more conservative workplaces.
  • In addition, you can style a belt or a scarf to bring a fresh vibe to the entire look.

Camel & White

  • Sleek and clean, camel pants and a crisp white shirt with a navy blazer creates an impressive contrast.
  • The camel pants are more alluring than jeans, giving a contemporary look without compromising style.

Camel & Black

  • The key to putting together a black and camel outfit is to choose pieces that are well-made, classic in style, and not too flashy.
  • Make a statement with a camel coat wearing over a simple black dress or pants and top combo to enhance the rich hue of the coat.
  • Finish the look with black shoes to the office for a more polished look and a pair of ankle booties in the same tone as the coat for a more laid-back look.

Camel & Navy

  • A camel blazer is a smart staple that can elevate any outfit. Layer a navy shirt or a beige top under a camel blazer and pair with navy pants finishing the look with black shoes.
  • Opt for a minimalist outfit and add jewelry for a touch of elegance and personality to create a polished look.

Camel & red

  • Mix camel color with contrasting red shades or a bright red purse to create an amazingly stylish outfit.
  • Camel and red outfit is an excellent choice for a modern-day professional look.


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