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4 Mistakes To Avoid When You Want To Impress

We all know that it’s essential to make an excellent first impression. After all, you never know who you’ll meet, and it’s always better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard. But, unfortunately, sometimes, we get so wrapped up in trying to look great that we make mistakes.

Here are four major mistakes that women make when they want to impress:

1) Wearing too much makeup

2) Adorning with too many pieces of jewelry

3) Wearing too much perfume

4) Trying too hard by wearing flashy and intense colors

Avoid wearing too much makeup

  • While it is acceptable to wear some makeup—and even to use foundation—it is considered poor taste for a woman to go overboard with her makeup.
  • Do not use too much blush or eye shadow. The key to applying makeup is moderation: a soft blush, subtle eyeshadow shades, and a thin line along the upper lash line make a dramatic statement without being too over-the-top.
  • Do not make your lips look like they are bleeding from excessive use of color choices such as reds or pinks that are considered inappropriate for daytime wear due to their tendency toward being very bright.
  • Don’t get carried away: remember that less is more.

Avoid wearing flashy jewelry

  • As a rule of thumb, avoid wearing more than three jewelry pieces at once (earrings plus necklace, for example). If you want to add extra pieces, stick with small accessories like bracelets and rings.
  • You should also avoid wearing too much jewelry when you meet someone for the first time. You don’t want to give off the impression that you’re trying to show them off or impress them, so keep it simple and classy!
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry such as bracelets made of gold or silver chains (better suited for men) and earrings with large gemstones (unless they are diamond studs).

Don’t overdo it with perfume

  • One of the most common mistakes people make when wearing perfume is applying too much. Of course, it’s a personal choice, but you should remember that scents can be overpowering for others and irritate sensitive noses.
  • The best way to apply perfume is to dab it on lightly. Then, spray just one or two spritzes onto your pulse points (the sides of your neck, behind your ears). These areas are where heat rises from the body and mixes with air to create an environment where fragrance lingers longer than other areas of your body.
  • When choosing a scent for daytime wear, you want something subtle and fresh—and it should match the body lotion you wear.

Don’t try too hard, just be yourself

  • Don’t cry for attention wearing flashy clothes and intense colors. If you’re trying too hard to be something you’re not, you’ll only end up looking like a fool.
  • It’s always tempting to wear flashy clothes or intense colors in an attempt to get attention. But, unfortunately, while they may be attractive in some situations, they’re not appropriate in most of them.
  • So stick with muted colors and simple patterns when dressing to impress in professional settings. If you want to add some color to your wardrobe, try a scarf or a pair of shoes instead of an entire outfit.


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