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“You are welcome” vs. “No problem”

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.”

It strikes me all the time when I thank someone, and the answer is “No problem”. Or worst you just get some inarticulate words.

I would like to clarify: “No problem” is a negative answer that we can translate such as “It’s nothing”. A reply with “No problem” is not completely inappropriate in some circumstances but sometimes this expression may sound dull and can’t have a positive effect on the person who thanked.

For example, when a friend thanks you for a birthday gift, you don’t reply with “No problem”. You answer with meaningful words that express your feelings for your friend: “You are welcome” or “You are very welcome”.

You can reply with “No problem” when you do something repeatedly such as helping a friend for a project or helping with housework. You can also say “No problem, my pleasure”. It gives a positive feedback to the person who says thank you.

Make a habit and always answer with a positive message when someone says thank you to you such as: “You are welcome”, “It’s my pleasure”, or “My pleasure”. It shows respect and consideration and people around you will feel the same for you.


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