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Why is it essential to have a proper posture?

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.”

A natural, graceful posture gives you the advantage of looking taller and slimmer, making your clothes to hang better, reflecting your elegance and grace, and a positive attitude.
Also, the right walk, posture, and poise make you feel comfortable and confident, revealing a picture of the kind of person you are even before you speak a word.

  1. The clothes will hang and look better on you when you sit straight and tall.
  2. You will look taller and thinner and more attractive exuding self-esteem and confidence.
  3. You send a positive message through a positive body language.
  4. Commands attention and earns respect.
    A proper posture communicates a positive message: more than 55% of all communication is through the body language and how you carry yourself.


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