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Thank you note etiquette Thank you card

Thank you note etiquette

Polite and meaningful ways to show your gratitude for the gifts you received for Christmas:
– Acknowledge the sender of the gift or present by following up with a phone call or email. Senior people will appreciate more a phone call than a text message or an email.
– Write a thank you note and be specific about what you are thanking for. It has a personal impact and focuses on gratitude.
– Name the gift and how you will use it.
For example, if you receive a scarf from a close relative or a friend, you may attach a picture of you wearing the scarf. They will be thrilled to see that the gift is useful and has value to you.
– You may add a personal comment expressing how it makes you feel and why it matters.
– Send the thank you note within a week from the day you got the present.

Here are examples of Thank You notes

Dear Mr. Bob, Mrs. Margaret,

Thank you very much for the puzzle and the compass! I am saving the puzzle for a rainy day. I am still waiting for the dinosaur egg to hatch. I hope you and Mrs. Margaret have a wonderful Christmas.



* * * * *

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for the gourmet basket with all the goodies.

We all enjoyed the salmon, cheese with crackers, and the yummy chocolate. We are waiting for the pears to get fully ripped and relish in their delicious savor.

We appreciate your friendship and kindness.

Thank you again for thinking of us.

With much love,

The Smiths


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