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Style Evolution

Style evolution comes with gradual changes, and we all seek to evolve into a better version of ourselves. As we grow and mature, we become more aware of who we are as an individual. And we aim to improve our image and to display a positive image to the world. Therefore, trying to enhance our appearance, we evolve with our style too.

Here are the three essential aspects that contribute to our evolution in life and have a significant impact on our style:

  1. Age
    Age is just a number and does not change who you are entirely, but you will certainly not look and remain the same person as you were ten years ago. You will undergo a transformation, physical and psychological, and what clothes you wore ten years ago will not be suitable for the person you have become. Therefore, your style will change along with your image.
  2. Work Environment
    We all strive to become a better version of ourselves, aiming for a higher position or following an entrepreneurial path. From corporate to entrepreneurship, our attitude and mindset change, and these have a considerable impact on our style. 
  3. Lifestyle
    Changing our lifestyle, moving from a four seasons area to a warm-climate region, or getting married and having kids, will automatically impact our way of dressing and, consequently, our style identity.


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