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Gloves etiquette

Modern etiquette on how to wear winter gloves

A pair of gloves is the winter accessories that keep your hands warm and give your outfit a stylish look. When selecting your gloves, you should keep in mind the garments and the accessories you want to wear. Keep a sense of harmony with all the elements of your outfit, blending both the practical and visually appealing purpose.

A pair of gloves should snug your hands and fingers, giving mobility to stretch your fingers.

The secret to a perfect fit is to find the right size.

The most useful technique to find the perfect size is to measure the palm’s widest part without including the thumb. You should measure the hand that you use the most: right hand if you are right-handed or left hand if you are left-handed. So, the width of your widest part of your hand indicates the size of the gloves.

However, if you have long fingers and small hands like I do, you may have difficulties finding gloves that fit perfectly. When it comes to size, the material of the gloves plays an important role. Look for a pair of gloves that have a little bit of stretch, and you may be able to find the size that fits well, avoiding the excess of material at the end of the fingers. Also, you may take into consideration the length of the nails when buying gloves. If you usually keep your nails long, you need to look for more extended finger length gloves.

An elegant woman should know how to wear a pair of gloves and how to put them on and take them off the right way.

Put the gloves on

Use your other hand, pick up the glove by the folded edge, slip your hand inside, pull the glove on, and smoother down your fingers. And repeat the same gesture for the other hand.

Take the gloves off

Remove your gloves gently by pulling the top of each finger to help you slide the gloves off the hand with ease. If the gloves are forearm length, then you may consider folding down the edge of the gloves first and after pulling the top of the fingers.

A lady who wears gloves should also know the proper etiquette on when to keep and take the gloves off.

Modern etiquette tips for winter gloves:

  • Gloves should be removed upon arrival and placed into a coat pocket or purse.
  • Dining at the restaurant or accepting a dinner invitation requires you to remove your gloves before eating. 
  • Take gloves off either at the table or before approaching the table.
  • Place the gloves on your lap while sitting at the table and the napkin on top of them. Never display your gloves on the table.
  • Avoid wearing rings under or over gloves that can create bumps and leave marks taking away the smooth appearance of a gloved hand.
  • It is acceptable to keep your gloves on when outdoor while drinking and eating finger food.
  • Keep on your gloves when outdoors while driving, shopping, holding hands, or waiting in line.

As a rule of thumb, gloves should be worn rather than carried around, and they must complement your outfit and not compete with it.


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