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How to wear white after Labor Day

Debunk the myth and wear white after Labor Day! Rules in fashion are not black and white. Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a fashion faux pas!
White is the color of sunlight, a tone of new beginnings, equally balancing all the colors of the fashion trends.

How can you wear white after the Labor Day Weekend? Here are a few chic ways to incorporate white in your daily wearing and transition it into your fall wardrobe.

You want to look professional yet stylish at the office!
The classic button-down shirt is the ‘uniform’ for a traditional look at the office. Wear it with a pair of slim striped pants and red pumps and finish your look with an appropriate office bag. Stylish and chic you got the look you desire for office days.

A white shirt top with culottes is a relaxed look to achieve for a casual Friday outfit. The right fabric, cut, and length, the culottes are the new summer into fall fashion favorite.

Weekend getaways, Sunday brunch, or just a stroll in the town, you want to feel comfortable yet exude a sense of style. A little white dress, a casual t-shirt, or a pair of Bermuda pants are the classic pieces to achieve a relaxing chic look for leisure weekends.

Daring to wear white after Labor Day is a way to speak out your style personality. You prove that your style choice can coordinate with the seasonal trends.


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