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How to Improve Body Language in a Virtual World

Nowadays, living in the virtual world, we often rely on our online relationships to communicate with each other. However, our ability to connect with others depends mainly on reading others’ body language. Therefore, if you’re going to communicate virtually with someone, you must match your message with your body language. So, choose your words carefully and make sure your body language reflects the message you want to deliver.

Gestures are an essential part of communication, and they can make a big difference when you’re communicating virtually.

Start with a slow, confident gesture to show that you’re present and prepared for the conversation. This could be as simple as resting your hands on your desk or putting your feet flat on the ground. You want to exude confidence, and starting strong with a confident posture will set the stage for the rest of the conversation.

Here are a few body language signs you should be aware of when you are in a virtual conversation:

  • Be sure that you are sitting up tall with your shoulders back and your head balanced on top of your neck. It will help you appear confident and ready for the conversation ahead. Also, be sure that you look straight at the camera and avoid looking down when speaking. It will give you the appearance of confidence, poise, and self-awareness.
  • Allowing yourself to have open body language is also important when doing video calls or meetings. Keeping your arms open rather than crossed over your chest will show others that you listen to what they’re saying and are open to new suggestions or ideas.
  • When it comes time to speak, make sure you’re talking at a volume that everyone can hear clearly. It’s also essential to emphasize key points with a tone of voice or inflection because how we say them can significantly impact how they’re received.
  • Initiate hand gestures to emphasize your words. It shows the person you are speaking with that you are engaged and listening. Also, hand gestures can bring more attention to important ideas and points in your presentation.
  • Enhance your appearance and help give a positive impression. So, when you are in a virtual call, make sure you look natural and do not appear stiff or distracted. If possible, try not to fidget while on camera, as this can be distracting for others and make it seem like you aren’t engaged in the conversation. It’s important to remember that your attitude and body language can impact how others perceive you.


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