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“Sorry” vs. “Apologize” & “Excuse me”

“Manners are a reflection of your attitude towards others”

Often I hear young kids saying sorry for small things because they were taught to say it for everything: sorry I took your spot, sorry I went in front of you, and so on…

Repeat and repeat the sorry word from a young age will later become a reflex to say sorry without really mean it.

Sorry is a compelling word that implies a powerful emotion. Don’t use it as an excuse; use it when necessary, and feel sympathy towards somebody.

For example, if you walked on the street distressed by looking for something and bumped into a person, you can say either “I apologize! Are you ok?” or “Excuse me!” instead of sorry. If you are late for a class, don’t say “sorry, I am late” say instead: “I apologize for being late, professor.”

Can you notice the difference? Instead of saying “sorry” and leave, you can choose meaningful words such as “I apologize” or “excuse me.”  First, it shows care and consideration for that person. Second, it shows that you mean it, shows feelings and respect toward your teacher.

When you really regret what you did, when you hurt somebody’s feelings or want to show sympathy and care to someone who goes through a difficult time, sorry is the right word to use at that moment.

Excuse me is a must expression you should make it a habit. It shows you are aware of doing something that disturbs someone.


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